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When advocating for and managing your child’s IEP, who are the people you will need to know, collaborate and converse with? As in business, hierarchies also exist within schools; for example, perhaps a simple problem can be addressed directly with a teacher, rather than the principal. Because no one knows your child better than you, meeting with key people on a regular basis to share as much information as possible about your child can help them to better support your son or daughter’s classroom experience and learning goals. Introducing and including your community service coordinator, facilitator or other advisory/support person to school staff can also be of great benefit to the process.

BIO  Andy Willemsen is a graduate of the University of Guelph's Child Studies program and works in the field of developmental services. He has worked for 29 years at Brampton Caledon Community Living and has been active with a variety of school and community issues. Over the years he has worked with numerous families, supporting them in their journey to secure good educational opportunities for their children. No matter what area he works in he believes that everybody should be part of their community – whether it is at their school, workplace or neighborhood.