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Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario

Bell Trinity Square

483 Bay Street, 10th Floor, South Tower

Toronto, ON M5G 2C9


Phone: 1-800-263-1830

Outside Ontario: 416-586-3300

Fax: 416-586-3485

TTY (Teletypewriter): 1-866-411-4211






ARCH Disability Law Centre

Tel: 416-482-8255

TTY: 416-482-1254

Ontario Toll Free: 866-482-2724

Ontario TTY Toll Free: 866-482-2728

Justice for Children and Youth

Justice for Children and Youth (JFCY) provides select legal representation to low-income children and youth in Toronto and vicinity. JFCY is a non-profit legal aid clinic that specializes in protecting the rights of those facing conflicts with the legal system, education, social service or mental health systems. JFCY gives summary legal advice, information and assistance to young people, parents (in education matters), professionals and community groups across Ontario.


Tel: 416-920-1633 

Ontario Toll Free: 1-866-999-JFCY (5329)




Child Advocacy Project – A program of Pro Bono Law Ontario

The Child Advocacy Project (CAP) provides volunteer lawyers for a limited period of time providing free legal services to low income families who cannot afford a lawyer. The CAP Education Law Program helps safeguard the public education rights of children and youth across Ontario and ensure due process in education legal matters in the following:


• Students who have trouble accessing Special Education services;

• Children and youth who face suspension, expulsion, or exclusion;

• Children and youth who are being denied the right to attend school;

• Students who feel unsafe at school.


Please contact: PBLO Coordinator

Tel: 416-977-4448 ext 226


Human Rights Legal Support Centre

Tel: (416) 597-4900

Toll Free: 1-866-625-5179

TTY: (416) 597-4903

TTY Toll Free: 1-866 612-8627


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